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CD/DVD burning

Download for openSUSE

Developer: Philippe Rouquier & Luis Medinas
License: GPL


Brasero is a CD/DVD burning software for the GNOME desktop, designed for simplicity and stability.

Brasero is the default CD/DVD burning application in openSUSE's GNOME desktop.


  • Supports multiple backends: cdrtools, growisofs and libburn (optional)
  • Integrates with nautilus, totem and other GNOME applications
  • Data CD/DVD
    • Supports burning on-the-fly
    • Multisession disc burning supported
    • Integrated disc-checking utilty
    • Supports JOLIET extensions
  • Audio CD
    • Uses GStreamer backend to handle audio formats
    • Can write and edit CD-TEXT information
    • Burn CD Audios on-the-fly
  • CD/DVD copying on the fly

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