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Archive Talk:Weekly news 131

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OpenOffice Team

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Michael Meeks: OpenOffice & GStreamer ...

"The other day the, secret, internal, 'from scratch' re-write of GStreamer integration was announced by StarDivision. You can read the wonderful news on their corporate blog. There is also some amusingly mis-directed marketing effort focused on Ubuntu as well. What does this mean for Linux users ? Nothing. With this great leap forward in Linux support you are unlikely to notice any difference at all; why ? Because all Linux distributions (SUSE, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, and more than I can list) have already been shipping GStreamer support since 2006. That was mostly written by Radek Doulik from Novell, with fixes from Redhat's superstar Caolan McNamara.
The real question is: Why would StarDivision want to draw attention to their traditional feature gap, by making noise about shipping multimedia support four+ years late ? while simultaneously alienating valuable contributors and continuing to tear down its developer community (that would love to help close OO.o's feature gap) ? if that interests you - read on: ..."

Kohei Yoshida: OOo module dependencies

"Below is a graphical representation of OOo’s module dependencies as of DEV300 milestone 84 generated via graphviz. Click on the image to get the whole picture."