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Welcome to the fifth issue of openSUSE Weekly News! For the week starting the 07-01-2008.

In this week:

  • KDE 4.0 Released with openSUSE Packages and openSUSE-based live CD
  • openSUSE Shop Now Live
  • SUSE Linux 10.0 has reached End of Life
  • Lenovo delivers preloaded SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
  • Temporary Download Failure (now fixed)
  • In Tips and Tricks: Webpin: Package Search from the Web or from your Shell


KDE 4.0 Released With openSUSE Packages and Live CD

  • "The KDE Community has announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.0.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era. KDE developers, including our openSUSE KDE Team, have been working on getting toward KDE 4.0 for over 2 years."

Screenshots available from The Coding Studio; more information from openSUSE's KDE developers' blogs below.

openSUSE Shop Now Live!

  • "We proudly announce This is the place to find official openSUSE gear: T-shirts, mugs, caps, bags and more are available."

openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1 Released Tomorrow, Thursday, 17 January

  • openSUSE 11.0 Alpha1 will be released tomorrow, Thursday 17th of January.

SUSE Linux 10.0 has reached End of Life

  • "With the release of an nmap bugfix on December 20 we have released the last update for SUSE Linux 10.0. It is now officially discontinued and out of support. SUSE Linux 10.0 was released the beginning of October 2005."

Read on for more statistics on the released patches.

Lenovo delivers preloaded SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

  • "Lenovo continues its longstanding support for open source computing with new ThinkPad notebooks preloaded with SUSE¬ģ Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10) from Novell. "

More information on a Lenovo Blog.

ftp/stage/ hardware failure

  • "I am sorry to inform you that we have currently a bigger hardware failure of the raid system, which provides the content of and"

In the Community

Novell anticipates that the innovations driven by KDE 4 will improve future versions of SLED

  • Holger Dyroff, Vice President, product management of SUSE LINUX products for Novell, views the enhanced usability in many KDE applications such as the file manager and PDF reader as benefits for its users.

People of openSUSE: James Tremblay

  • "openSUSE Education founder James Tremblay was caught up by ‚ÄėPeople of openSUSE‚Äô to an interesting interview."

Accessibility work at Novell

  • "Michael Meeks posted a couple of weeks back about some new work Novell is doing in the area of accessibility. Things have progressed to the point we need some talented GNOME and Mono hackers, i.e., we have some job openings."

Status Updates


  • Several failing packages in Factory as we updated glibc, perl and networkmanager
  • KDE 4.0.0 got integrated
  • glibc 2.7
  • perl 5.10
  • networkmanager 0.7
  • pine is dropped, alpine replaces it now
  • I don't see alpha1 in danger at the moment, but it might come later due to the delay the crashed download.o.o caused

Tips and Tricks

Webpin: Package Search from the Web or from your Shell

They have been around for some time now, and yet still not everyone is aware of the wonderful package search available at It will search:

  • official online and update repositories
  • the openSUSE Build Service, though there is also the software search
  • Packman Repository
  • Several more

It will also provide you with convenient 1-click-install links.

The package search is also available as a command line client, called webpin, allowing you to search all repositories easily from your console:

Planet SUSE

Covering just a few posts from Planet SUSE, an aggregation of all SUSE contributors' blogs:

Pascal Bleser: webpin CLI 0.9.0, and faster server

  • "We have a shiny new server for Benjamin Weber's "webpin" (search engine for openSUSE packages that indexes pretty much all repositories, including the openSUSE Build Service repos). It's a lot faster than the previous one."

Lubos Lunak: KWin in KDE 4.0

  • "What was it ... ah, yes ... KDE4.0 has been just released ... just in case you haven't noticed yet in all the other blog posts all around."

Will Stephenson: KDE 4.0 @ openSUSE

  • "The nice thing about a community event is the way it brings everyone together. I just gave a presentation to all my colleagues at the SUSE office here in Nuernberg on KDE 4.0, what it brings to the table and where it's going in the future. It was great to have our two largest meeting rooms joined together, with a capacity audience. For the last few weeks Dirk, Stephan, Lubos and I on the KDE Team have been working all the hours we can to add the final polish to 4.0 and to make sure the openSUSE packages of KDE 4.0 are the freshest and highest quality KDE binaries available."

Stephan Binner: The KDE 4[ 1.].0.0 Release

  • "KDE 4.0 was released yesterday and of course openSUSE complimented with packages for openSUSE 10.2, 10.3 & Factory and the version 1.0 of KDE Four Live CD. For reactions see openSUSE News, Digg or look at screenshots - many readers seem to understand the nature of this "1.0.0 release of KDE4"."

Dirk Mueller: openSUSE KDE 4.0.0 Ready

  • "It has been a long day yesterday, but we finished building, bugfixing and testing openSUSE KDE 4.0.0 packages, including a bugfixed version of KDE 4.0.0 as Live CD and one Click Install. We've even tested and added workarounds for running KDE 4.0.0 on openSUSE 10.2. Factory updates were submitted this morning :-)
  • I hope that our users realize that KDE 4.0.0 is not the end of KDE4 - it is the beginning of KDE 4. I'm really happy about the release because it is a big milestone and I anticipate that the KDE contributors will be glad that we reached this goal. It is a tremendously big motivation factor for all of us: To know that it is there. It might not be as shiny and feature-rich and configurable as the KDE 3.5.x series was, but it is real, you can see and use it, and you can find new ways to improve it. We've started to schedule 4.0.x bugfix releases on a monthly basis starting end of this month, and we will continue to regularly ship new fixes while we head for our new milestone: KDE 4.1, which is targetted to be a much more complete and configurable, KDE-ified experience. KDE is a truly free and open source project, so I especially like the new"

Scott Morris: KDE 4.0.0 release rocks the Linux world

  • "Imagine for just a moment, if you will, the amount of glee experienced by KDE users everywhere upon hearing the spectacular news last week when KDE 4.0.0 was released. If you have ever thought about taking KDE for a spin, the time is now."

Jeff Jaffe: Novell’s technical strategy for 2008

  • "In my last posting, I outlined Novell‚Äôs technical strategy and illustrated proof points from 2007 that we were on track. In looking forward to 2008, I want to illustrate the methods ‚Äď rather than details - we will use to increase velocity on this strategy. Here are some of the key points."

Past Meetings

Project Meeting 2008-01-09

  • This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

KDE Meeting 2008/01/09

Old Action Items :

  • schedule possible date for next packaging day (dirk)
  • improve kde building guide (bille)
  • ask about bug day and figure out the week day (beineri)
  • script for watching homes for kde apps (dirk)
  • meeting gekker/michl/coolo (beineri)

GNOME Meeting 2008-01-10

Factory testing

  • GNOME pattern still broken, should be fixed by next week
  • New pulseaudio to show up soon on FACTORY, please test

AI: Find out ways to automate distro installation for testing (autoyast? kiwi?) -> rodrigo AI: Create testing page for showing what's new but might be broken that needs testing -> suseROCKS

Task review

  • G:Community packages still need review for policy
  • Multiscreen hack week coming soon

Meeting theme

AI: contact abock and grabiel burt for multimedia themed meeting -> suseROCKS, mw

10.3 update

  • 10.3 repo updated with a couple new packages

11.0 development update

AI: set up liblslab patch review in #control-center -> sreeves

openSUSE Board Meeting

  • "I'd like to give you short meeting minutes of the public part of our discussions from the last openSUSE board meeting. We plan to do this every time we meet from now on."

openSUSE Board Meeting

  • "We decided to have emailaddresses@xxxxxxxxxxxx of the form: first.last + 1 optional nick (chosen by openSUSE contributor) for those that the board sees as valuable contributors to the project."

In the Press / Blogosphere Lenovo finally delivers SUSE Linux-based ThinkPads

  • "PC vendor Lenovo has promised ThinkPads with pre-installed Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for some time now. Lenovo will deliver the goods the week of Jan. 14."

Aaron Seigo: release event prep

i've got OpenSuse 10.3 on the new machine and i have to say that i'm more than pleased with it. i was afraid i'd miss apt-get ... but zypper rocks....

everything else seems amazingly slick, and i'm pretty happy with the improvements in yast that have happened since i've been gone. i stopped using suse after several years of loving it due to the sad releases that were 10.0 and 10.1. but after seeing 10.3 i was impressed enough to try it out again; i'm a little tired of the *buntu world these days and unhappy with some of their decisions. didn't help that on my last upgrade of my laptop, it rendered my system unusable due to a screw up in their evms packaging; this was doubly "humorous" as the system wasn't using evms at all. it was just installed and that was enough. this isn't the first time such a catastrophic update has come down those apt-get pipes, so it's just in time for me that OpenSuse starts to look like its back on the rails again. there were even kde4 packages available as an option in the installer =)

Security Updates

cups (SUSE-SA:2008:002)

  • "Various security issue have been fixed in the CUPS print server."

SUSE Security Summary Report SUSE-SR:2008:001

1) Solved Security Vulnerabilities: - libexiv2 integer overflow problem - dvips buffer overflows / insecure tempfiles - libsndfile possible buffer overflow - squid denial of service problem - rsync directory traversal problems - clamav 0.92 security update - Xen denial of service problems 2) Pending Vulnerabilities, Solutions, and Work-Arounds: - libexif vulnerabilities - wireshark 0.99.7 security problems - various MySQL security issues - krb5 small security issues 3) Authenticity Verification and Additional Information

Bug Statistics

The numbers for all openSUSE project products are this week:

  • All Open Reports: 3398
  • Blocker: 20
  • Critical: 154
  • Major: 484
  • Normal: 1928
  • Minor: 266
  • Enhancements: 546

Detailed Bugzilla ReportSubmitting Bug ReportsBug Reporting FAQ

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