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Archive:SuSE Linux 6.2

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SuSE Linux 6.2 was released on Thurday, August 12, 1999. These release had a relavitely short tenure compared to more modern releases. (for example, openSUSE 11.1 while 6.2 had 3 months had a tenure of 11 months) It preceeded SuSE Linux 6.3 and succeeded SuSE Linux 6.1. It has reached its End of Lifetime and is not available for download. A comprable Live CD distro to SuSE Linux 6.2 that is still downloadable would be DemoLinux 1.

Some packages included with SuSE Linux 6.2 were:

  • KDE 1.1.1
  • Linux kernel 2.2.10
  • GIMP 1.1.7
  • StarOffice 5.1