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SUSE Linux 9.2 was released on Monday, October 25, 2004. It is the first release to have the full DVD ISO image published on the FTP server free of charge. SUSE Linux 9.2 included the first usage of Delta RPMs, Novell branding, using the Thin Keramik theme by Default, and updates in the GNOME and KDE stacks. SUSE Linux 9.2 was succeeded by SUSE Linux 9.3 on April 15, 2005. It was preceded by SUSE Linux 9.1.

SUSE Linux 9.2 reached its End of Lifetime on October 31, 2006. Any remaining SUSE Linux 9.2 users are strongly recommended to upgrade to a currently supported version of openSUSE. SUSE Linux is still available for download on various SUSE FTP servers.

Some packages included with SUSE Linux 9.2 are:

  • KDE 3.3.0
  • GNOME 2.6.1
  • Lnux Kernel 2.6.8
  • 1.1.3