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openSUSE 11.2 Launch Plan

This page includes planning for the openSUSE 11.2 launch and beyond. This includes pre-release marketing, the campaign for the week of release, and a continuing promotion campaign for the lifespan of the release up to the next release of openSUSE.


Rough timeline for marketing activities for 11.2.

30 Days prior to release

The beginning of the 11.2 push will begin in earnest 30 days prior to release. At this point we will be heavily encouraging existing users to test pre-releases and can begin using the pre-releases to develop collateral and marketing materials.

Activities during the month before release (to begin October 5) include:

  • Social media push on Facebook, Twitter,, and member blogs
  • Podcast series
  • Countdown (see collateral)
  • Banners (see collateral)
  • maybe an map with the Launch Partys worldwide is helpful

Two weeks prior to release

  • Continue previous activities
  • Sneak previews on,, other sites
  • Contact community press, bloggers
  • Screencasts for openSUSE
  • Screenshot tours
  • Finish announcement draft, translations

Release week

  • Continue previous activities as relevant
  • Final sneak preview on, etc.
  • Contact IT trade press
  • Coordinate with openSUSE Weekly News team on special edition (?)

Release Day

  • Release announcement published
  • Gather coverage, publish to openSUSE Weekly News


  • Continue article series
  • Highlight stories on,, elsewhere
  • Continue promoting 11.2 at shows, events, LUG meetings, etc.


The announcement will be developed on the wiki here.

Target Audience

Who are we trying to reach with openSUSE 11.2? We can't boil the ocean -- we should be focusing on a few select groups of people who are likely to want to use openSUSE and benefit from it, and who are important to the project's goals.


Define the target users for openSUSE 11.2.

  • Developers
  • Expert Linux Users
  • New Users
  • Educational Users

Top Benefits / Talking Points for 11.2

See openSUSE 11.2 page

Top Benefits / Talking Points for 11.2

See openSUSE 11.2 page


We need to be able to articulate - quickly, effectively, and persuasively, how openSUSE will benefit people.

Talking Points

  • What is openSUSE?
    • How is openSUSE different from SUSE Linux Enterprise?
    • How is openSUSE different from other Linux distros?
    • How does openSUSE differ from Windows?
    • How does openSUSE differ from other OSes?
    • openSUSE is an Community - How can I contribute/participate !
    • Innovations of the openSUSE like SUSE Studio and openFATE
    • Maybe there should be talks about plans for 11.3 Companys are more interested what comes in the future for better planning her it-infrastructure
  • Goals of the openSUSE Project
  • Benefits of openSUSE
  • Uses for openSUSE
    • Where openSUSE is a best choice
    • Where openSUSE may not be a best choice
    • OpenSUSE on Netbooks - Netbooks are an Hype!
  • Dual-desktop strategy


This section is for materials to be used to promote openSUSE.

You need help for creating posters and material for your Launch Party ask for help



  • 11.2 Teaser


Launch Parties

The openSUSE 11.2 Launch Party page is now up. Let's try and get more independent Linux user groups to sponsor and hold openSUSE launch parties.

Sneak Peeks

  • Installation & Administration - web interface and RESTful backend.
  • KDE
  • Plethora of Improvements

More info on Sneak Peeks can be found here.