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Archive:GSOC 2011 SoftwareCenter

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Software Center is an utility for software management, developed initially for Ubuntu. Under the Archive:GSOC_2011 program, a PackageKit backend has been added to it, making it available to other distributions, as specified by the AppStream project.



  • performance improvements - resolve, caching; IMPORTANT
  • PackageKit-based package installation history


  • fix pk-zypper backend, make resolve work on not installed packages
  • package branding and some resources separately; needs UI stabilization; this include banners shown in the lobby view, the featured and recommended list, and some icons missing from default suse setup; also check Categories specification and correspondence with appdata;
  • develop post-install script, for initial database creation (the same as in ubuntu)


  • ratings and reviews: choose between ubuntu's or OCS (needs discussion and implementation)


After installing software-center and before first run, this setup is required:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/app-info/xmls 
sudo cp appdata.xml /usr/share/app-info/xmls
sudo update-software-center --appstream-only

Then, it can be run like this:



1 Click install from my home:alexeftimie OBS project

Additionally, code is hosted upstream, at software-center Launchpad

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