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Icon-obsolete.png This article about the Open Build Service is obsolete!
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Everything you need to know about managing your own instance of an OBS.

The scope of this article is general day-to-day operations for an already installed OBS system. Installation, setup and upgrades should not be covered here. The focus is on making changes to the configuration (adding/removing workers from the pool) and FAQs.

System Level

This area covers sysadmin/machine/OS level operations rather than work carried out by release engineering teams.

Hardware Recommendations

Minimal System Requirements Optimal File System Layout

Front End management

Tasks related to the webserver, access control, delayedjobs.


Tasks that should be monitored (and potential issues if they are not running):

  • delayedwebui
  • delayedapi
  • lighttpd
  • ruby-fcgi processes

Back End management

Related to schedulers, signer, src-server etc Startup and Shutdown



How to for adding additonal workers, perhaps with automatic deployment.

Stuck builds

If builds appear to be stuck for a long time specially after an unclean shutdown of the scheduler, remove the relevant *:status files in /srv/obs/jobs/$ARCH/ on the repo server.

Reference :



This area deals with managing projects (eg periodic imports of remote code, deleting projects with in-use paths...)

Important subtopic - Download on Demand aka DoD


A place holder for FAQs and NSFAQs which come up on the ML and in IRC.

Is there a way to import a lot of src.rpm files to an OBS project, so I have a package for each src.rpm file and that each package contains the source files of each src.rpm?

osc co <project>

cd into <project>

for i in $SRPMS; do osc importsrcpkg <options> $i; done


Which logs?

Backup/Migration Strategies

Which files/directories are critical to backup ?


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