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Brainshare, Salt Lake City, USA, 21.-25. 3.

Novell Brainshare in Salt Lake City, USA is targeted for end users and ISVs.

Luke Imhoff and Adrian Schröter will held a BoF.

Adrian Schröter (project manager for OBS) will be present at the OBS and openSUSE booth most of the time.

FOSDEM, Brussels, 6.-7. 2.

FOSDEM in Bruessel, belgium is at least attended by Stephan Kulow, Thomas Schmidt, Klaas Freitag and Adrian Schröter. Will Stephenson is giving a talk 'Spread KDE using the openSUSE Build Service' in the KDE Room, focused on KDE application developer's needs.

LinuxTag, Berlin, 9.-12. 6.

LinuxTag in Berlin will be visited by Adrian Schröter.

Thomas Schmidt will talk about the Ruby on Rails development practices in the OBS.