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Amarok is a music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before - and looks good doing it. Amarok has excellent streaming support, visualisations, smooth crossfading and the unique "Context Browser", separating this player from existing KDE solutions. At the same time Amarok provides a very intuitive and quick user interface, with unparalleled playlist handling, and a lightning fast music catalogue.


The Audio Player for KDE

Developer: The Amarok Development Squad
License: GPL


  1. Quick and simple drag and drop playlist creation
  2. Super eye-candy interface
  3. Multiple backends supported (xine, helix and NMM)
  4. Automatic cover art download using Amazon services
  5. The unique and powerful Context Browser
  6. Automatic play-statistics generation (iRate style)
  7. Full lyrics download
  8. Read about your bands with embedded wikipedia browsing!
  9. Funky visualizations from libvisual and XMMS
  10. KDE integration
  11. Streaming from any KIO source
  12. Cross-fading
  13. Podcasting Support
  14. Fully configurable translucent OSD for track changes
  15. K3B (CD-burning) integration
  16. Style your Context Browser with custom CSS styles
  17. Save space in your Context Browser with collapsible boxes
  18. Show the Context Browser without Amarok open through the Konqueror sidebar!
  19. Full support for Last.FM! Share your music taste with friends on the net
  20. Generate dynamic playlists based on suggestions
  21. Support for SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases ensuring fast collection access
  22. Support for your iPod, iRiver and generic USB device with the all new media-browser
  23. Powerful scripting interface, allowing for easy extension of Amarok
  24. Complete DCOP access
  25. Translated into more than 50 languages, thanks to the KDE localization team.


No sound from Amarok

Use Configure Amarok to set the sound engine to GStreamer, and choose GStreamer's ALSA-plugin to get sound sent to openSUSE's default sound subsystem, ALSA.

As of writing, Amarok (version 2.6.0, openSUSE 12.2) uses Phonon as Sound System. To configure it, you can follow Settings > Playback and click on "Configure Phonon" button. Select "Backend" tab: GStreamer should be the only backend available, phonon-backend-xine should be still available from openSUSE Build Service (you might need to install kdebase4-runtime-xine as well, in order to configure Xine Backend). Before trying this please make sure to have all required GStreamer plugins installed.

Music collection doesn't show up in Amarok 2

Amarok 2 needs mysql installed in order for the collection to properly work. Install libmysqlclient-devel and mysql from software management. Version 5.0 works. Restart amarok and rescan collection.

Intermittent sound

Try using xine as the amarok engine.

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