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Logo of openSUSE Slowroll

Slowroll is a new experimental distribution from 2023 based on Tumbleweed, but rolling slower. With big updates once per month, and continous bug fixes and security fixes as they come in.



For initial install, you can use the DVD iso from*DVD* or a VM image from (note that cloud-init blocks root login with password by default).

When switching from an existing Leap install, do

   zypper ar temp
   zypper in openSUSE-repos-Slowroll -openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed
   rm /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo # or backup
   zypper dup

When switching from Tumbleweed, you only need the 2nd line.

We do not recommend using development repos and packages on top, unless those are specifically compiled for Slowroll. Third party repositories which are not tested with Tumbleweed might break your installation.

Packman might work, but might also break occasionally. There is a special packman repository for Slowroll:

    zypper ar --refresh -p 70 packman

Like Tumbleweed, use zypper dup to upgrade.



bmwiedemann did the design and scripting.

Development happens in and sub-projects with the use of

Untested packages go into or :2 first and are tested by openQA (TBD).

Most updates should be submitted to Factory and will auto-migrate into Slowroll after acceptance. Be sure to mention relevant CVE-fixes and boo# references in .changes files to speed up migration. If you know, you need a certain version of a dependency to build or run, add that to the .spec file, as packages could move at different speed compared to Tumbleweed.

Direct submissions should only be needed for backports of urgent fixes that require updated core packages in Factory (which are too risky to update quickly).