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The most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds:
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openSUSE 11.4 Bugs



  • Bug #677425 "zypper dup" with DVD repo breaks rpm by removing liblzma0. Workaround: run "zypper up rpm" before or run after the breakage
cd / ; curl | tar -xz
  • Bug #673845 lp kernel module not loaded automatically Workaround: add the module named "lp" to

Running System

  • Bug #648718 Plasma-desktop and certain other software will crash on 32-bit systems when using the proprietary Nvidia driver with versions between 256.x.x.x and 270.29. Possible workarounds:
    • Use the default free Nouveau driver
    • Use the proprietary driver version 270.29 or later
    • Use the proprietary driver version 256.x or earlier
    • Install a 64-bit system.
  • Bug #666450 Samba server won't start. Possible workarounds:
    • run Update Profile Wizard (may be necessary two times: one time in order to get nmbd and smbd running and a second time in order to get access to the data)
    • quick and unrecommended workaround: disable AppArmor in YaST
  • Bug #675398 BlueDevil can't send files via Bluetooth. Workaround: Install the package obexd-client
  • Bug #676079 GNOME 3 Preview / GNOME Shell not working by default. An online update of gjs is available to fix this.
  • Bug #678264 radeon/radeonhd [R3xx-R5xx] Screen distortion with KMS / Immediate Xserver crash with UMS (DRI related). Workaround: