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Hermes Subpackages

Hermes is a bit complicated to package. We suggest the following sub package layout to ensure a good user experience for the package users.

For dependencies of the sub packages, please refer to the file INSTALL in the source tarball.

Package hermes

The hermes package contains all hermes components to receive notifications as well as processing them. That is herminator, the notification receiving and administration application and the processing scripts as well as some basic perl modules commonly used.

The hermes package must contain the following content from the source tarball:

Perl Modules

The perl modules are used by the scripts as well as herminator. They go from the Hermes subdir to the systems perl module place. Note that they're used from all scripts from the Hermes module space such as

use Hermes::Log;


In the conf subdir a configuration stub file can be found. It needs to go to /etc/hermes.conf, eventually some sysconfig magic can/should be done.


The scripts,, and can go to a bin directory. For and a startscript must be provided which start both with an appropiate user and let them run infinite.


Herminator is a perl-CGI-Application based web application which receives the notifications from the client applications of Hermes as well as the administration interface of Hermes. All contents from the herminator directory must go to the systems web app space.


The test suite of Hermes is unfortunately not yet mature. As a result, testing can be skipped in packaging.

Package hermes-starship

Starship is a application to let users maintain their subscriptions, feeds and read messages. It is based on Ruby on Rails and thus should go into its own sub package. It's directory in the source tarball is starship.