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Introduction: Android Fastboot

Fastbool is tool from Android tools suite. With a USB connection between a PC and a device (your ARM board, a mobile phone, a tablet, ...), it allows to:

  • load kernel/initrd from host PC to device RAM and boot them
  • create/erase and read/write flash partition

See for more information.

Fastboot installation

You need fastboot installed on your host PC and on your device.

Fastboot on your PC

In order to use fastboot with a device, you need to install fastboot (from android-tools package) on your PC.

 sudo zypper install android-tools 

Fastboot on your device

Fastboot on your phone

It should be already available but you need to boot your phone in fastboot mode. See for more information.

Fastboot on your ARM board

Fastboot is now included in uptream u-boot, but not all functions are available compared to android (device) fastboot. You cannot flash your on board memory, for example.

Currently, upstream u-boot (2014.10) enables fastboot on the following boards:

Fastboot usage

Plug a USB cable between your host PC and your device. Start your device in fastboot mode (special boot sequence for phone/tablet, for u-boot, just type fastboot command in u-boot prompt).

Then, on your host PC, list available devices:

 fastboot devices

and you should see something like:

 ????????????    fastboot

Then, get the fastboot protocol version of your device with:

 fastboot getvar version

To reboot the device, just type:

 fastboot reboot


 fastboot reboot-bootloader

To load a kernel and boot it:

 fastboot boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ] 

Note: you may need to append the device tree to the kernel.

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