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Just like at last years conference, this years openSUSE conference will also feature a keysigning party, read on to find out how to participate and what to do.

What is a Keysigning Party (KSP)

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use the PGP encryption system with the purpose of allowing those people to sign each others keys. Key signing parties serve to extend the web of trust to a great degree. Key signing parties also serve as great opportunities to discuss the political and social issues surrounding strong cryptography, individual liberties, individual sovereignty, and even implementing encryption technologies or perhaps future work on free encryption software.

More info and detailed instructions on key creation, signing and Keysigning party can be found here.

How to join the party?

To take part at the Keysigning Party you need to send a signed mail containing your keys fingerprint (the output of gpg --fingerprint $YOUR_KEY_ID) to


Note: Unsigned messages will be ignored!

And don't forget to upload your key to a keyserver so others can find it! For example: hkp:// or ldap://

More info on key generation and uploading can be found here.

What is the deadline for key submission?

To give everybody the chance to bring his printout the deadline for key submission is: Friday September, 9 at 12:00 UTC

The finished keylist should be available at Friday September, 9 at 22:00 UTC

Missed the deadline?

If you missed the deadline, don't worry you can still participate. Simply print your keys information (using gpg --fingerprint $YOUR_KEY_ID) for everybody who will attend the party and follow the other instructions.

What to bring to the party?

A printout of the keylist, make sure to follow the instructions in it, a ball pen and a government issued picture ID, passport or driver's license are good (both are best :). The keylist is available here.

CAUTION: The keylist needs to be printed, no digital version CAUTION: The keylist is not yet final.

Where will the party take place?

The party will be part of the openSUSE Conference and will take place at the conference venue, Sunday September 11th at 6 PM.

What to do after the party?

Take a look here. It is highly recommended to automate these steps with the tool caff which is part of the package signing-party, openSUSE packages are available for 11.4. caff follows key-signing best practices, like returning a signed key by email, and avoiding adding a signature if you have already signed the key before. Some additional instructions are available: English German