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Icon-obsolete.png This article about the Open Build Service is obsolete!
You can find up to date information on

Support channels of OBS

Community Support

The openSUSE Build Service is 100% GPL open source code and is therefore maintained by its developer and user community.

Installation, administration and user support

Packaging issues should be discussed on the openSUSE packaging mailing list.

Support for administrations and installation problems are handled via the openSUSE buildservice mailing list. Please check the documentation before.


You can report bugs for the build service through Bugzilla.

Some of us do also hang around in #openSUSE-buildservice channel on Libera IRC Network.


OBS uses #opensuse-buildservice on Libera IRC network:

Commercial Support

Novell is currently evaluating a commercial support offering in addition to the community offerings. Please contact Andreas Jaeger <> if you are interested.

We are especially interested in your support requirements:

  • Installation and usage support
  • Bugfixing and maintainance support
  • Feature requests