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openSUSE:Build Service Support

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Support channels of OBS

Community Support

The openSUSE Build Service is 100% GPL open source code and is therefore maintained by its developer and user community.

Installation, administration and user support

Packaging issues should be discussed on the opensuse-packaging mailing list (archive).

Support for administrations and installation problems are handled via the opensuse-buildservice mailing list (archive). Please check the documentation before.


You can report bugs for the build service through Bugzilla.

Some of us do also hang around in #openSUSE-buildservice channel on freenode.


OBS uses #opensuse-buildservice on Freenode IRC network.

Commercial Support

Novell is currently evaluating a commercial support offering in addition to the community offerings. Please contact Andreas Jaeger <> if you are interested.

We are especially interested in your support requirements:

  • Installation and usage support
  • Bugfixing and maintainance support
  • Feature requests