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The most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds:
For general information about reporting bugs, see Submit a Bug. Do not report partly translated dialogs or completely missing translations before milestone 4; expect updated translations during the beta tests. Also see the Localization Guide.

To directly report a bug against openSUSE 12.2, here's a shortcut. A convenient list of betabugs can be found here.

openSUSE 12.2 RC 2

  • bnc#772625 Can't resume from suspend to ram //Solution: update Nvidia proprietary driver to 304.37+.
  • bnc#776563 NetworkManager 80000+ ms on boot //Solution: add ",space_cache" after "default" into your btrfs entry in /etc/fstab.
  • bnc#776567 YaST2 doesn't support Input Method // yast2 >= 2.23.4 fixed this problem
  • bnc#771392 Nouveau: Kernel issue on switch from plymouth to X
This issue causes an garbled screen after plymouth (the green suse boot screen with flying balls) switches to X (e. g. KDE or Gnome)
    • To fix this problem you can wait until an updated kernel will be provided (can take a bit longer). There was also a declined request (see bug report).
    • Alternatively you can press Crtl-Alt-Backspace-Backspace when the garbled screen occurs or boot with boot parameter nomodeset. Last can cause a bad screen resolution.
    • Install the proprietary blob
  • Please add above.

openSUSE 12.2 RC 1

  • intel[GM45] Gnome-shell crashes after resume or after screen unlock (GPU hangup) Bug #768584

openSUSE 12.2 Beta 2

openSUSE 12.2 Beta 1

  • Booting a system with separate /usr partition leads to a kernel panic Bug #752796
  • Attempting to change the package list on the x86-64 NET install crashes. This problem is likely due to the zypper bugs described in Bug #764741
  • Install from the DVD with "Install from images" enabled fails. Install with this option disabled Bug #765901
  • When doing a "minimal text install (no X server)" (even when installing with textmode=1), the X server is still installed and xdm is started after installation Bug #764395

openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 3

  • LiveCD installer fails in mkinitrd. There are two workarounds: Bug #751835

(1) Select GRUB, not GRUB2 in the installation, or retry with GRUB after install fails.

(2) Boot to the Live system, open a terminal, and do 'su -c "zypper install grub2"' before starting the installation.

  • On KDE systems, sudo fails to run the included command. Use 'su -c "command"' instead. Bug #746704
  • Some graphics adapters need to use of 'nomodeset' on the boot options line.
  • Ejecting optical drives causes immediate re-close of tray. Bug #659153
  • Zypper failed to connect to without IPv6 - workaround: ZYPP_MULTICURL=0 zypper up zypper (to current Factory or 12.2-Beta)

openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 2

  • LiveCD installer fails in mkinitrd - as a workaround, select GRUB, not GRUB2 Bug #751835
  • In KDE, Shutdown, Reboot, and Log Off all result in the equivalent of Log Off.
  • systemd instantly kills LightDM sessions making it impossible to log in, as a workaround switch to sysvinit Bug #755198

openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 1

  • LiveCDs isos are >700MB - workaround: write it to USB or DVD+-RW
  • still has 12.1 repos after install Bug #746668
  • gdm without autologin might be broken on new installs. Fixed with sr#104162 => get the new package from Factory (or GNOME:Factory).
  • When I plug a removable disk, it doesn't pop up a window, although I have the notifications on (gnome-shell).
  • It doesn't have shutdown option but it has suspend. I have to press ALT to turn to power off and turn off my computer. I added an extension for that for now (gnome-shell).
  • When I log-out, there's no prompt for password. It logs in automatically (gnome-shell).
  • It doesn't work Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R to record my desktop (gnome-shell).
  • I cannot take a screenshot with the PrintScreen button (gnome-shell).
  • When I'm on application mode, I see all icons of my applications OK. When I go to specific category (eg office), the icons have gaps maybe 2-3 lines-columns etc. For example office, has only one icon on the first screen and I have to scroll down for the rest (gnome-shell).
  • About online accounts, I added google and twitter but when I tried Windows Live, it crashes (gnome-shell).
  • I cannot change the language to Greek (I guess it's the same to all languages). Although it shows on YaST that the language is Greek and it has as secondary the Greek language, I cannot see the whole environment in Greek. Activities and status menu are in english. Also Windows-Applications are in English. Yast is in English. Only the categories of the applications are in greek (gnome-shell).