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openSUSE in Numbers 2016

Please see Alberto's task at OSC16 on YouTube

Note about privacy

Counting IP addresses has the disadvantage that many machines are hidden behind proxy servers or masquerading routers. In order to get a more accurate view on the number of installations the openSUSE project instead counts unique Zypper UUID signatures hitting This UUID string is a random label that is created during an installation. The openSUSE project does not use this id to track anything but to count. There is no way to relate this random string to a user or machine.

The UUID is stored in the file /var/lib/zypp/AnonymousUniqueId. In order to not have an installation counted for the statistics the file can be removed or emptied. Alternatively online repositories can be switched to use a specific mirror server instead of the automatic redirector on

openSUSE Metrics

Metrics gathered from use of this UUID are available for viewing at this openSUSE page.