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Welcome to the Sandbox.
This page is designed for experiments in editing and formatting of wiki source text. To edit, click Edit in the row of buttons at the top of this page.
You are free to edit, delete and reformat any text you find, except the first line in the edit box (this message).



root # ls -a


Definition list.

item 1
definición 1
item 2
definición 2-1
definición 2-2

Indented text.

1 indent
2 indent
3 indent

Test for counter.o.o in the wiki

Just a single -div- and link to software.o.o/developer page. What is purpose of the link to counter? To give link to some page that will timely switch links between cheerful page about being patient is virtue and real software.o.o/122/? :

<div class="center plainlinks">[]</div>

Copy from main page:

<div class="center">
<span class="plainlinks">[]</span>


With -span class="plainlinks"- and URL alone:

<span class="plainlinks"></span>

With URL alone:

A test for me.

Linking to search page

HCL search, using {{fullurl}} markup, see help on URL data].

Release schedule