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Picasa is a photo management software program by Google.

It is closed-source and is free for non-commercial use. On Linux it is currently shipped with a bundled version of Wine that has been patched to run Picasa. Google has submitted those patches to the Wine project and they will be included in future releases of Wine.


File:Software Installer Picasa.png
Installer launches automatically from web browser

SUSE Linux 10.1

Installation under SUSE Linux 10.1 is simple.

  1. Using the link below, navigate to the Linux download for RPM.
  2. Select to open the RPM with zen-installer.
  3. When the download is complete press Install in the Installation dialog.
  4. Installation completes.

OpenSuse 11 x64

On OpenSuse 11 x64 you need to first install the dependencies:

  • libgphoto2-32bit
  • sane-backends-32bit
  • libksane0

Version < 3.6 with Opensuse 11.2

  • Just install Official Picasa RPM and all dependencies - it contains all the files required to run without additional changes to be done and without share Wine installed.

Version 3.6 with Wine Opensuse 11.2

Some guys are reporting problems of running picasa installer with Wine for 3.6 version while official linux packages are not yet released.

  • Please follow WineHQ wiki for configuration details - this manual will allow you to run setup correctly. This is not a bug, this is feature of Wine.


Picasa gets the appearance of the standard wine theme, which looks quite old fashioned. It is possible to change this default theme, just like every other wine bottle, with winecfg. The only particularity is that the wineprefix has to be specified:

$ WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.google/picasa/3.0/ winecfg

In the tab "Desktop Integration" you can install a new motive, any .msstyles supported file. For example, you have:

Just unpack such a package and select the .msstyle with winecfg. Enjoy!

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