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  • New GTK theme for openSUSE (Greybird Geeko) and polished the default experience by adding new packages that complete the desktop and make it more approachable to new users.
  • All of the core components and applications have been ported to GTK 3.
  • xfwm4 window manager has finally gained support for VSync, HiDPI, hardware GLX and various compositor improvements.
  • The display dialog received a lot of attention during this cycle and a big feature: Users are now able to save and (automatically) restore complete multi-display configurations, which is especially helpful for those who frequently connect their laptop to varying docking stations or setups.

You can check out all the neat new Xfce features in the official Xfce 4.14 tour and the official release announcement.

New packages included

  • Switched to xfce4-screensaver, the new Xfce screenlocker
  • xfce4-panel-profiles, a tool to back up and restore your panel layout configuration as well as layout presets
  • mugshot, a utility to easily input personal information and a user avatar. It is integrated into the Whisker Menu
  • lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings, a tool to easily configure LightDM
  • gnome-disk-utility, a disk management application that allows you to partition disks and mount ISO files

New in-house GTK Theme

In the process of updating to Xfce 4.14, we decided that we wanted to have our very own GTK theme. Thus, Greybird Geeko was born. Based on the popular Greybird Xfce theme, Greybird Geeko is an official spin with an openSUSE look & feel and other improvements, such as a dark variant of the theme.

Light Theme
Dark Theme

more screenshots

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