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GNOME Do is a powerful application launcher. It lets you search for items on your desktop or the web and perform useful actions on them.


Action oriented application launcher

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Developer: GNOME Do Core Team
License: GNU GPL


With GNOME 3 borrowing much from GNOME Do, the interest in GNOME Do has diminished. But unlike GNOME's search, GNOME Do will let you chose which action you'd like to perform on an item in the search result.

It can also be configured to provide a Docking interface, and used with other desktop environments that don't have a quick, search based application launcher.


After installing, the shortcut will conflict with GNOME Activities Overview. You should assign a new keyboard combination to activate GNOME Do in Settings under Keyboard.

What Do helps you do

  • Search and launch applications quickly
  • Search for applications, documents, directories, email contacts, firefox bookmarks, etc. from one handy interface that lets you specify actions to execute on a selected result
  • Search media collection in Banshee or Rhythmbox
  • Plugins enable additional functionality
    • Screenshots with optional delay
    • Tomboy notes creation
    • Mailing lists and contacts from Evolution
    • Create tasks in Tasque
    • Manage your GNOME session
  • Switch to a docky interface (from Preferences) that can replace the default panel in the desktop

Example: Search your Banshee media collection from Do

  1. Activate GNOME Do and type Banshee, and hit the Down arrow key to bring up the search results (see image in the Info-box).
  2. From here you can choose to conventionally launch Banshee, or search your Banshee media collection for the selected text.
  3. Select this second option, using the down key and hit Tab,
  4. Type in a word.
  5. Hit enter to search your media collection in Banshee for the entered word.