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openSUSE:GTK Revamp

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openSUSE, especially YaST, needs better integration with GTK and GNOME environments through libyui-gtk.

This page will be used to discuss different ideas and designs, and users should attach mockups where appropriate.

Changes by myself (Ikey Doherty) will be found in my repo fork:


Works will begin around the 15th of February 2014 due to work commitments and other projects

Initial thoughts:

  • Move to a single document interface - fluid workflow in one window for tools such as one-click
  • Use GtkHeaderBar in all applications for GNOME
  • Integrate seamlessly with GNOME - tools should follow same designs as gnome-control-center, gnome-initial-setup, etc.
  • Polkit style permissions, so Yast-GTK can be launched without sudo/root and only escalate when needed?