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A suite of educational games for young children.The aim is to be educational and at the same time be fun to play.


A suite of educational games for young children

Developer: Stas Zytkiewicz and Matias Grana
License: GNU GPLv3


Childsplay is a suite of educational games for young children. It's written in Python and uses the SDL-libraries. The aim is to be educational and at the same time be fun to play.

Some activities make use of language dependent voice samples, these sounds are shared with gcompris. For those you'll have to install the gcompris-sound package for the languages you intend to use. For example gcompris-sound-en.

Install Childsplay

Just add the openSUSE-Education Repository to your installation sources or try the one click installation using Afterwards you should find a new desktop entry "Childsplay" in your menu.

Enhancing Childsplay

Commandline arguments

Childsplay understands the following commandline arguments:

--fullscreen Starts Childsplay in fullscreen (doesn't work on dualscreens at the moment.
--window Normal behavior: start in a separate window.
--no-splash Don't show the splashscreen during start.
--kiosk-mode Currently not implemented
--version Show the version number of Childsplay.
--help Currently not really useful.

Configuration options

Childsplay creates a directory .childsplay in the homedirectory of a user during the first start. This directory contains a lot of controlling stuff.

The main configuration file is .childsplay/ConfigData/childsplayrc. This file has good explanations about each config-option, so we don't repeat it here.

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