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SDB:KDE repositories

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This page lists and describes the available KDE repositories and provides links. None of them are officially supported.
Warning Avoid mixing repositories belonging to different KDE versions/flavours (Stable/Factory/Unstable/...).


The setup of the repositories is based on the distinction between two groups of packages, namely:

  • KDE SC based packages. This group contains the Plasma Workspace, the main KDE libraries, but also applications like KMail, Konqueror, etc
  • Packages for KDE/Qt based applications. This group contains applications that are based on the KDE or Qt libraries, like Amarok, Konversation, Quassel, etc

Maintenance Updates

Since openSUSE 12.3, the openSUSE KDE Community team provides new minor versions of the KDE Software Compilation shipped with the latest stable distribution through maintenace updates. This means that the minor KDE software releases are provided without the requirement to add additional repositories. This is reflected in the way that the KDE repositories have been setup.

At the moment we have the following Maintenance tracks:

openSUSE 12.3: Shipped with KDE SC 4.10 and maintenance updates have been provided up to KDE SC 4.10.5.

openSUSE 13.1: Shipped with KDE SC 4.11.2 and maintenance updates have been provided up to KDE SC 4.11.5.

openSUSE 13.2: Will ship with KDE SC 4.13.x and maintenance updates will be provided through the normal maintenance channel.

What's available

Based on what has been indicated above, the following repositories have been made available to the openSUSE users.

For Users

  • Updated KDE Software Compilation releases
    These are newer versions of the KDE SC as released by the KDE community, plus openSUSE patches (released and unreleased). Also available for older openSUSE versions.
  • KDE Extra
    Newer versions of individual KDE applications from openSUSE Factory, which have been packaged for released distributions. You do not need to update your KDE as well, but you may do so, because KDE is forward compatible.

For Contributors

  • KDE Unstable Extra
    Alphas, betas and SCM snapshots of KDE applications under development. This one is only build for that latest openSUSE releases due to possible dependencies on newer packages.
  • KDE Unstable SC
    SCM snapshots of the next KDE SC release and at the same time the development playground for the openSUSE KDE Community team.

I want to...

Updated applications only

If you're using the official, supported and tested core KDE packages provided with the distribution, there are these additional repositories available for your consideration.

Current KDE SC release

The current release of KDE SC. Use this repository, if you want to have the current (and latest) version of the KDE Software Compilation. Please note that Plasma Desktop is no longer part of KDE releases as, since the 4.11 release, the desktop is in Long Term Support. Current KDE SC releases thus only contains updated Applications (the KDE Libraries have been frozen since 4.9, and are only included with a incremented version number for the convenience of packaging).

Warning Remove all repos from the Updated Apps only section if you are going to use KDE:Current.

Factory aka. KDF (Latest KDE SC Release (including Beta's and RC's))

This repository features the KDE packages under development for the upcoming openSUSE release. This repository is normally only build for openSUSE:Factory, however in preparation of a newer KDE release (and corresponding KR repository), it will also be build for the latest openSUSE release.

As indicated the below repositories will only become available when a new KDE SC Beta release is being build.

Unstable:SC aka. KUSC (KDE trunk)

Warning Not for production use. Untested, experimental, unreleased.

Snapshots of KDE trunk. Updates are provided on a regular basis for those packages that received upstream changes. These packages may not always include openSUSE specific patches, and are only available for 64-bit versions of the latest openSUSE release and openSUSE Factory.

The team is also using this repository to test new patches, new packaging methods and other things that could cause a temporary breakage in the KDE installation. This repository should only be used by experienced users that understand and accept the risks coming with the usage of this repository. Also bug reports are not accepted for this repository.

KDE Frameworks 5 & Plasma 5

Do not use GDM.

Releases of KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5. KF5 packages are coinstallable with KDE SC 4 and Qt 4, while Plasma 5 packages are not for the most part. This repo serves as a development project for openSUSE:Factory. For adding the session to your DM selection, install the plasma5-session package. Before trying out Plasma 5, please read known issues: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/5.0_Errata

Plasma 5 Unstable

Daily builds of KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5 trunk. This repo serves as a pre-development project for KDE:Framework5 project and openSUSE:Factory. Since 12. June '14. Plasma 5 packages are no longer coinstallable with kde-workspace from 4.x.

Before trying out Plasma 5, please read known issues: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/5.0_Errata

If it does not open and gives the following error, "Could not start D-Bus. Can you Call qdbus? Error please help", then try zypper dup Qt5 repository.

KDE 3.5.10

This is the latest KDE 3 release packaged for released distributions. See separate page for explanation and repositories.


Warning You do not need to add these if you are using the KDE repositories listed above. The repositories already include the correct Qt packages.

Qt 4 release

Qt 4.x.x version that is currently being considered most stable while being reasonably recent. Not needed if you use KDE:Distro:Factory or KDE:Distro:Stable.

Qt 4.8 Development Snapshots

For developers only

Qt 4.7 Development Snapshots

For developers only

Qt 5 release

Latest stable Qt5 release (currently 5.3.1)

Qt 5.2.x Releases

For developers only Latest stable Qt 5.2 release (currently 5.2.1)

Qt 5.3 Development Snapshots

For developers only These snapshots are from gitorious, stable branch

Qt 5.4 Development Snapshots

For developers only These snapshots are from gitorious, dev branch (not yet functional)

Building your own software using Qt or KDE

To build your own packages against either KDE 4.x or Qt 4.x, choose one of the following repositories as a base to build against (When adding a repository, click on "Advanced" at the bottom and then select the repository name in the item list):

  • KDE:Qt if you want to build a Qt-only application against a stable Qt 4.x release. This repository currently features Qt 4.8.x
  • KDE:Qt48 if you want Qt 4.8.x.
  • KDE:Release:<KDE SC release> if you want to build a KDE 4.x application against KDE 4.8.5. for any of the released openSUSE releases.
  • KDE:Distro:Factory if you want to build a KDE 4.x application against KDE 4.9.x for any of the released openSUSE releases.

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