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HCL:AMD video cards

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This article helps you to pinpoint type and model of your AMD graphical chipset. With that knowledge in mind you are able to determine which driver is compatible with your hardware. For a potentially more up-to-date list see this list.

Assess your graphical hardware/chipset

This is a hardware compatability article. But without a way to determine your hardware it has no use for you. Follow this short and simple procedure to do just that:

  • Enter this command in your terminal:
    su -c'lspci -nn | grep VGA'

Example output:

00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI BeaverCreek [Radeon HD 6530D] [1002:964a]

The part in this example printed in bold is the information you are looking for. Use this to lookup your hardware in the lists that the different drivers are compatible with.

Supported hardware open source radeon driver

All Radeon cards have good 2D support. r100 and r200 series cards have full 3D support. r300 to r700 chips have "good" 3D support. Here is a list of hardware supported taken from the radeon man page in 12.3; package: xf86-video-ati, version 7.1.0:

      R100         Radeon 7200
      RV100       Radeon 7000(VE), M6, RN50/ES1000
      RS100       Radeon IGP320(M)
      RV200       Radeon 7500, M7, FireGL 7800
      RS200       Radeon IGP330(M)/IGP340(M)
      RS250       Radeon Mobility 7000 IGP
      R200         Radeon 8500, 9100, FireGL 8800/8700
      RV250       Radeon 9000PRO/9000, M9
      RV280       Radeon 9200PRO/9200/9200SE/9250, M9+
      RS300       Radeon 9100 IGP
      RS350       Radeon 9200 IGP
      RS400/RS480 Radeon XPRESS 200(M)/1100 IGP
      R300        Radeon 9700PRO/9700/9500PRO/9500/9600TX, FireGL X1/Z1
      R350        Radeon 9800PRO/9800SE/9800, FireGL X2
      R360        Radeon 9800XT
      RV350       Radeon 9600PRO/9600SE/9600/9550, M10/M11, FireGL T2
      RV360       Radeon 9600XT
      RV370       Radeon X300, M22
      RV380       Radeon X600, M24
      RV410       Radeon X700, M26 PCIe
      R420         Radeon X800 AGP
      R423/R430   Radeon X800, M28 PCIe
      R480/R481   Radeon X850 PCIe/AGP
      RV505/RV515/RV516/RV550             Radeon X1300/X1400/X1500/X1550/X2300
      R520          Radeon X1800
      RV530/RV560 Radeon X1600/X1650/X1700
      RV570/R580  Radeon X1900/X1950
      RS600/RS690/RS740                   Radeon X1200/X1250/X2100
      R600          Radeon HD 2900
      RV610/RV630 Radeon HD 2400/2600/2700/4200/4225/4250
      RV620/RV635 Radeon HD 3410/3430/3450/3470/3650/3670
      RV670        Radeon HD 3690/3850/3870
      RS780/RS880 Radeon HD 3100/3200/3300/4100/4200/4250/4290
      RV710/RV730 Radeon HD 4330/4350/4550/4650/4670/5145/5165/530v/545v/560v/565v
      RV740/RV770/RV790                   Radeon HD 4770/4730/4830/4850/4860/4870/4890
      CEDAR       Radeon HD 5430/5450/6330/6350/6370
      REDWOOD     Radeon HD 5550/5570/5650/5670/5730/5750/5770/6530/6550/6570
      JUNIPER     Radeon HD 5750/5770/5830/5850/5870/6750/6770/6830/6850/6870
      CYPRESS     Radeon HD 5830/5850/5870
      HEMLOCK     Radeon HD 5970
      PALM        Radeon HD 6310/6250
      SUMO/SUMO2  Radeon HD 6370/6380/6410/6480/6520/6530/6550/6620
      BARTS       Radeon HD 6790/6850/6870/6950/6970/6990
      TURKS       Radeon HD 6570/6630/6650/6670/6730/6750/6770
      CAICOS      Radeon HD 6430/6450/6470/6490
      CAYMAN      Radeon HD 6950/6970/6990

Additional support for CAICOS Radeon HD 6400//7470M was also reported. Information on Implemented radeon features for all chipsets See also our article SDB:Radeon.

Supported Hardware AMD fglrx driver

Warning The AMD fglrx starting with Catalyst 12.6 (8.980) will work only with radeon chipset HD5xxx or above.

If you are the owner of a more recent gpu from hd5xxx or above series see also our article fglrx.

List of supported hardware by fgrlx and radeon

CEDAR       Radeon HD 5450
REDWOOD     Radeon HD 5550/5570/5670
JUNIPER     Radeon HD 5730/5750/5770
CYPRESS     Radeon HD 5830/5850/5870
HEMLOCK     Radeon HD 5970
PALM        Radeon HD 6250/6310 
SUMO,SUMO2  Radeon HD 6370/6380/6400/6410/6480/6520/6530/6550/6620
CAICOS      Radeon HD 6430/6450/6470/6490
TURKS       Radeon HD 6570/6670
JUNIPER     Radeon HD 6750/6770
BARTS LE    Radeon HD 6790
BARTS       Radeon HD 6850/6870
CAYMAN      Radeon HD 6950/6970  (requires Catalyst 11.4b; open-source requires at least kernel 2.6.39)
ANTILLES    Radeon HD 6990

Only supported by fglrx

All RadeonHD 7000-series (aka Southern Islands) chips

Supported Hardware AMD fglrx legacy driver

The AMD fglrx legacy starting with Catalyst 12.6 (8.980) will work only with radeon chipset hd2xxx to hd4xxx. You can safely use the open source radeon driver, which supports all these chipsets. If you are the owner of a gpu from hd2xxx to hd4xxx series see also our article fglrx-legacy.

R600        Radeon HD 2900
RV610/RV630 Radeon HD 2400/2600, M71, M72, M74, M76
RV620       Radeon HD 3450/3470, M82  
RV635       Radeon HD 3650/3670, M86
RV670       Radeon HD 3850/3870, M88
RS780       Radeon HD 3100/3200/3300
RS880       Radeon HD 4100/4200/4290
RV710       Radeon HD 4350/4550/5145/530v/545v, M92
RV730       Radeon HD 4650/4670/5165/550v/560v/565v, M96, M96-XT
RV770       Radeon HD 4850/4870, M97, M98
Warning The AMD fglrx legacy 13.1 (January 2013) release contains patches for newer kernels (3.7+). It can be used for Tumbleweed for example
Warning The AMD fglrx legacy 13.1 (January 2013) will NEVER support openSUSE 12.3, due to its lack of support of xorg 1.13 or above. Use the free radeon driver, which in most case outperforms the propietary driver