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Here are some of the unofficial live distributions based on openSUSE. They are aimed to make non official openSUSE versions, for special purposes.

Build your own live CD

Those interested in trying to build their own live CD can take a look at SUSE Studio, or download an existing custom Studio image from SUSE Gallery.

Unofficial updated live CDs



  • Get the latest KDE Reloaded CD. Reloaded includes all KDE patches and openSUSE branding.
  • Get the latest KDE Four Live CD. Four Live includes mostly vanilla KDE packages and upstream branding.
  • Built on openSUSE 12.1 with KDE-4.8.x.
  • Username root with NO password
  • Username linux with NO password
For the KDE Desktop Environment:
Get the latest KDE live CD.

Other openSUSE community projects

Public Amazon EC2 AMIs

Public openSUSE AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) are now available in each Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) region, in both 32-bits and 64-bits versions.


  • Education bundles the best of software openSUSE has to offer, such as most popular Desktop Environments, educational application, development suites, multimedia, great user experience out of the box, and a lot more that is expected by students, teachers, parents and IT administrators of educational institutes in a modern operating system.
  • Built on openSUSE 13.1
openSUSE Education is a community project that aims to provide the best Linux for Education possible
Get the latest openSUSE:Education-Li-f-e.


  • The Medical project provides some interesting packages for physician's practices and other clinical environments like clinical research.
Opensuse medical logo11.png
openSUSE Medical is a community project that aims to provide the best Linux for medical needs possible
Get the latest Medical DVD.

Other community live CDs

  • MangOeS
    • MangOeS is, a lifestyle operating system based on Enlightenment (e17) and openSUSE 12.2. It’s focus is to provide needed access to richer internet content and computing needs most notably in rural and provincial areas of the Philippines.
    • Comments are greatly appreciated. Please visit the official website on Facebook.
    • note: you must have a facebook account to post in certain areas of the site.
    • MangOeS (Facebook)
    • MangOeS (Twitter)

(Note: This project appears to be dead or no longer active. The download link on the site is dead.)

  • Smeegol
    • Smeegol is based on the netbook user interface that came from the MeeGo™* project. Smeegol offers the latest Banshee’s powerful music player, a newer Evolution Express as mail and agenda client and several additional social networks.
    • User name/password: linux/linux
    • Root password is linux

(Note: This project appears to be no longer active. Last updates were in 2009.)

  • Gears on Gallium
    • Gears on Gallium hybrid livecd base on openSUSE and KDE4 with latest kernel, mesa, libdrm, xf86-video-drivers for newest amd, intel and nvidia hardware.

External projects

  • Linkat, an openSUSE based distribution developed by the Department of Education of Generalitat de Catalunya and using GNOME as the default desktop environment.
  • Balsam Linux Professional, an openSUSE based distribution developed by the former 'official openSUSE Box' provider openSLX. They work with the Plasma Active initiative, shipping it as part of their product, and offer phone/mail/chat support.
  • A huge number of live CD's and installation images can be found on the SUSE Studio gallery

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