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Buy openSUSE

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The boxed version of openSUSE may be the best choice. You will get complete user manual, install DVD biarch media for just plug in your DVD drive and the software on the DVD recognizes automatically x86 and x86 64-bit systems.

openSUSE 13.2

Open Source Press has created a German product.

13.2 openSUSE 3D 400px.png

The product comes with:

  • two DVD media (biarch DVD and live DVD)
  • a 376 pages manual for openSUSE 13.2
  • 10 % saving on preparations via Open Source School for LPI certifications.
  • 10 Euro savings on Moneyplex upgrade
  • 10 Euro savings on caseable cases
  • A PDF of the book "Einführung in Git"

openSUSE Shop by EDV-Buchversand
Germany - openSUSE 13.2

Additional Commercial Offerings

There are other options to buy openSUSE-related commercial products, especially the openSUSE Shop with merchandise as well a list of commercial offerings for openSUSE-related products.