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The Services Team


The Services Team are people helping the project with package reviews and all administration related tasks. It consists of 7 people with skills ranging from generic Administrators over to Storage and Network experts over to people knowing at least every programming language at least in a way to review code and also the submitted patches and specfiles for the openSUSE distribution.The team helps the Project Managers and the Boosters Team to make their ideas and dreams come true.


As team we communicate over a lot of channels. Mostly mailinglist and IRC.


One of the main areas of work for the Services Team is the administration of the infrastructure for openSUSE. Here is a short list of so called projects, that need our help:

Package review

Building and bundling software is another main area of our daily work. Everyone who is currently contributing packages to the openSUSE Distribution first submits his packages for review to us. If you want to know more about Packaging or Collaboration and Package reviews, please visit the other pages.


Team structure

The Services Team has two structural positions, a team leader and a project manager. The team leader coordinates the whole team and handles escalations, he's the benevolent dictator. At the moment this team leader is Lars Vogdt. The project manager Rüdiger Oertel helps him in all Build Service and Packaging related tasks.


Each individual team member has also some duties. Beside the weekly Team Meeting (A phone call, Wednesdays at 2PM CET/CEST) where we discuss important topics occurred during the week and a weekly work report, that every Team Member has to send to our mailinglist covering his current and planned tasks, everyone has some special tasks and areas of interest.


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Area of expertise
default_profile_normal.png Markus Rückert darix http://nordisch.org/ - - darix@ Package review, openSUSE infrastructure
caption Craig Gardner Ganglia - - - cgardner@ Teamlead openSUSE_review_team, Package review
caption Lars Vogdt kl_eisbaer http://lizards.opensuse.org/author/lrupp/ ; http://lvogdt.wordpress.com/ - - lrupp@  Teamlead, active on all battlefields
Berthold Berthold Gunreben azouhr http://azouhr.wordpress.com - - bg@ Package review, Virtualization, Mainframe, Storage
0368a15.jpg Martin Caj mcaj http://blip.tv/openSUSEtv/hackweek-6-martin-caj-4699974 - - mcaj@ Internal infrastructure in Prague office, OpenVpn, SIP
caption Nathan Cutler smithfarm http://smithfarm-thebrain.blogspot.cz/ - - ncutler@ Documentation, Internal infrastructure in Prague office, Hardware Administration
RO Ruediger Oertel bugfinder - - - ro@ Project Manager, Storage, Maintenance
Robert Wawrig rwawrig - - - rwawrig@ Build Service worker administration, Security
Max Maher mmaher - - - mmaher@ Network, Infrastructure Nuremberg, Hardware Administration

Check the list of teams to learn more about which teams exist in the project.