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openSUSE:Project meeting

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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE. An IRC meeting is effective when we have the following ingredients:
  1. We are looking for real time, highly interactive discussion
  2. with a focus on decision making
  3. on a topic that has had pre-meeting discussion on the mailing lists
  4. and the right set of people are able to attend
  5. with a writeup, summarized published widely to include atleast -project ML + news.o.o. to get more people aware and potentially interested in joining in on the conversations.


If you add things to the agenda make sure to leave your name and a detailed description of what you want to discuss. Especially if you can't participate yourself.

  • Quick review of action items from last meeting (current chair)
  • Proposed change in Bugzilla policy wrt duplicates of non-publicly accessible reports. See my posting to opensuse-project from 13 October which went unanswered. I may not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, hence this entry.
It seems I have hit a few of these recently, latest one today - it is a
little annoying when one's report is marked duplicate of something one
cannot see.  

I totally appreciate having two reports is a hassle for whoever is
working the bug too, but given two reports A and B, could we perhaps
disallow marking A a duplicate of B unless B is visible to the reporter
of A? 
  • Tumbleweed (sysrich)
  • Any other topics? (current chair)
  • Next meeting date & chair (current chair)


Minutes and transcripts you can find at http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/

Chairing the meeting

Here are some notes that can be useful for chairs:

  • First, make sure that bugbot can be used. See "IRC Technicalities" on the meetings page.
    • Useful commands are: #startmeeting, #chair, #topic, #info, #action, #undo, #endmeeting.
    • Someone needs to be able to give op to bugbot. If you can't do that, please ping the usual chair.
  • General rules:
    • the meeting lasts one hour :-)
    • encourage people to talk, but try to keep the discussion focused and interesting (sometimes, you might need to interrupt some endless discussion).
    • don't forget to properly use the #topic, #info and #action bugbot commands to make sure we have proper minutes. People often forget to use #info, which makes the minutes useless, so don't hesitate to repeat what got said with #info to log that in the minutes.
  • Before the meeting, gather information about the different agenda items so you can be a backup for each topic, in case the person who's supposed to deal with it is not present.
  • Begin the meeting by welcoming people and reminding them about the current agenda. Ask if people have additional agenda items.
  • Start each topic with #topic, and ask the person who raised the topic to introduce it and launch the discussion.
  • End with a Q&A session.
  • Update the topic of #opensuse-project to update the date of the next meeting.
  • Send minutes to the opensuse-project mailing list.
  • Clear agenda for next meeting in this wiki page.