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openSUSE:Mailing lists

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  • Important: Subscribers of the openSUSE mailing lists have established some rules for posting. Please read the Mailing list netiquette before you post. It will help you to get answers to your question.
  • For more subscription options check article Mailing lists subscription.

Announce lists

These lists are read-only lists for announcements of various kind.

User support lists

These lists are for generic questions and User to User support for the openSUSE distribution.

Architecture lists

These lists are for discussions about openSUSE on specific hardware architectures.

Development lists

These lists are for discussions around developing openSUSE.

Topic lists

These lists are about specific topics.

Localized mail lists

Misc lists

  • opensuse-offtopic@opensuse.org - Anything that is off topic for above lists. Note that discussions on this list are subject to requirements in a Legal section..
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