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About Sascha - openSUSE Community & Support Agent edit

Sascha Manns mostly works on the openSUSE Weekly News, and works in the open-slx Team. He's born: 1.10.1979 in Mayen (Rhineland/Germany/Europe/Earth/Solar-System/Orion Arm/Milky Way/Local Group/Virgo-Supercluster). He is part of the following Teams:

He maintains some Packages in this Repositories:

Also he works in some upstream Projects like: Freemedforms and Association Subscribers Manager (assuma). And he maintains the siga Project.

Inside the open-slx work, he makes Milestone Testing on different Systems and Architectures. He makes Bugreports and tries to fix it. Then proofreading the Handbooks and Webspaces. Last but not least he makes support for the released Products (openSUSE 11.2 & 11.3).

For more Informations you can visit:

Interview "People of openSUSE": http://news.opensuse.org

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Contact edit

saigkill on irc
saigkill on jabber
173607000 on ICQ
Google Wave: saigkill@googlewave.com