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Welcome to the Maintenance Portal edit


Released products are expected to provide a certain degree of stability. Nevertheless bugs and security issues make it necessary to occasionally release package updates. To reduce risk of breaking running systems updates have to adhere to certain rules and need to be released in a coordinated manner.

Therefore some of the community members have formed the openSUSE Maintenance team and defined the openSUSE update policy.

Maintenance process edit

  • prerequisite for any update is a bug report at https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/.
  • to propose releasing the fix as an update the state NEEDINFO maintenance@opensuse.org must be set.
  • after positive review by the Maintenance Team according to the openSUSE update policy the NEEDINFO will be removed with a comment.
  • the packager submits fixed packages.
  • the submission gets included in a testing repository.
  • after postive feedback by testers of the update-test repository the update gets released into the official main update repository of the particular openSUSE version.
Notes about security updates

Bug reports for security issues are supervised by security-team@suse.de instead of maintenance@opensuse.org. Such bug reports can also be recognized by the 'VUL-0' or 'VUL-1' prefix in the bug's subject. Apart from that the process is basically identical to normal bug fixes.

List of pending and released updates edit

There is one page in the Build Service web interface that shows the current progress of running updates.

Incident overview page