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Anyone with a user account can edit the wiki, and be a wiki editor. However, few of them help, contribute and maintain the wiki on a daily basis. We do and that makes us the Wiki Team. We provide high quality product information, clear documentation and a place for collaboration on projects. All of this in a well structured, standardized and easy readable way. By the way: If you are looking for help about this wiki you should head over to the Wiki Portal and continue from there.

Note: Our primary goal is to get old links working. Please do not remove redirects that do just that, temporarily fix links that worked in the old English wiki. Later, we will go through them and remove links that are not used, but for now they make transition easier.


The ways to contact us:


Note:The openSUSE project is currently running wikis in different languages. You can find them here at the available language teams.

How to join

Do you want to join us in our efforts? Just swing by our communication channels and become a regular. Pick up maintenance tasks, hang out, have fun.


These tasks are always in need of attention