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VLC media player

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VLC 1.0.5, playing window

Download for openSUSE:

Vendor: VideoLAN-Team

License: GPL
Web: videolan.org


The VLC media player (erstwhile VideoLAN Client) is a high portable free media player. It supports various audio- and videocodecs, DVDs and Video-CDs and lots of streaming protocols. It can be used as a streaming server for uni- and multicast in IPv4 and IPv6 networks with a hudge bandwidth. It is a part of a complete streaming solution of the VideoLAN team. You can serve the whole college campus with TV a single receiver. That was also the inducement for the project.

VLC can be embedded in almost all browser with the mozilla-plugin. Also it can play media files directly in the browser. You can test it at the ZDF ZDF Mediathek. This mediathek supports VLC native.

Especially the stability is a highlight of the program, which can play almost every file and format. For example you can play incomplete or broken media file(incomplete downloads). All standard features of commercial program are implemented. Additionally several filters can be activated in real time. For example you can watch videos, which is recorded in portrait format, in a 90° angle. Also you can add color filters.

Until version 0.8.x the GUI was based on wxWidgets. Since version 0.9.2 its based on Qt (integrates better in KDE, but worse in GNOME and Xfce). For more information see the VideoLAN Wiki.

Current Version

There are complete VLC media player packages for most openSUSE versions at Packman repository and VLC media player repository. Inform you about additional package repositories for Yast and their integration. You can also install VLC directly from the official website of the project.


VLC media player is under development since 1999 by the VideoLAN team. The maintainers are students of the French school of engineering École Centrale Paris in Châtenay-Malabry near Paris and developers all over the world (USA, Netherlands and Germany). The main developers are Julia Ott and Matthias Kühl. The program is released under the GPL. Because copyright reasons, there are no support for proprietary formats like Real-Media-format.

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