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Welcome to the Artwork Portal edit

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep".

Scott Adams

Topics edit


Trademark guidelines
With the openSUSE trademark guidelines, the openSUSE Project is looking to clarify the use of the openSUSE marks and make it easier to redistribute openSUSE-based projects.


Contributing to openSUSE art
Interested in contributing to the look and feel of openSUSE? Visit the Pixel pool to show off your designs and help influence the next version of openSUSE's artwork. We also have an Artwork page on Flickr where people can contribute their images and photographs for sharing with other users and the openSUSE community.


Communicate If you would like to receive the latest communication from our team and what projects we are currently working on, we invite you to be part of such communication by subscribing to our mailing list. Click on the links below. Our mailing list is where you can offer your designs, contribute with ideas, etc.

If interested, you can also participate of our live chats on IRC. Simply click the link below and you will get there. If you prefer to use an IRC client, look into these options.





Git repository

If you are not familiar with how Git works, we invite you to learn the basics here

Graphic assets


We suggest you try these mature free software tools for creating designs for openSUSE.

  • GIMP - Image manipulation software.
  • Inkscape - Vector drawing software.
  • Blender - 3D rendering software.
  • Krita - Creative painting software.
  • ShowFoto - Foto manipulation.
  • Gwenview - basic image editing (quick crop, resize etc).


Find some useful templates for Inkscape here


Artwork website

Note that these links are not openSUSE related.

Themes (Wallpapers, Icons, Styles, Cursors, etc.):

Artwork and information:

Things to do edit

  • Add guidelines about the openSUSE official font (Fifthleg / Cholla wide) in the brand guide
  • Artwork Todo