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Where do we come from

The openSUSE Women project is a very new one. It is a subproject of the openSUSE project. The Women of openSUSE project was founded on Linuxtag2010. It was founded to find women, who are interested in helping other women with technical problems, have techtalk about different topics and to build a part of the openSUSE community where women can think in their own ways.

Some women are too shy to ask at normal mailing-lists about technical problems. They heard something like "read the manpage" or something else. The mailing-list of the Women of openSUSE should help these women with their problems and help them understand the technical background. Maybe after a short time they have enough self-confidence to work at normal projects and normal mailing-lists, too.

Also, we want to spark technical interest in younger women to balance the difference of the count between men at open source projects and women. A lot of girls may be interested in technical aspects, but think, that this is only a boy-thing. With projects like Women of openSUSE they can get information about open source and openSUSE and have persons with answers for their questions.

If you are interested in founding a new organisation and find people with same interests like you, the Women of openSUSE may the right community for you.


Mailing List

To subscribe to the list just send an empty mail to

Any special thing to be taken care of while contacting Please introduce yourself and your ideas at the mailing-list.


If you want to be one of the openSUSE Women subscribe yourself at the members list .

  • sayana - founder of Women of openSUSE

How to join

Is he/she Eligible to join

Everybody can join us, men, too.

Whom to contact regarding the same

The best will be to contact the mailing list. If you do not want to write to so many persons, you can contact Susanne.

Is openSUSE Membership required for the task

No. The only requirement is to be interested in openSUSE.