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Official openSUSE Wallpapers

The official wallpapers of past and current openSUSE releases can be found in the openSUSE Github repositories. They can be found in the archival branch of the 'artwork' repository.

Alternatively, wallpapers for both SUSE and openSUSE can also be found in their corresponding branches in the 'branding' repository. Be warned that folder hierarchies and usage change over time, so wallpapers may be found in different locations from version to version. For example, the wallpapers for openSUSE Leap 15.2 can be found in the 'wallpapers' folder, while for 12.1, they can be found in the parent directory for its branch.

Wallpaper Submissions

We would like to invite our openSUSE artists and enthusiasts to join us in creating beautiful wallpapers for the next releases. Please be sure that if you would like to contribute, follow the wallpaper guidelines found in our wiki. There are specific ideas about our wallpapers that are important for the distribution. As always we look for good design upon which the artwork team will vote later on.

  1. Conceptualize an idea in your mind first.
  2. Look for inspiration. Gather photos, objects, even music that can help you visualize your concept.
  3. Choose colors and elements for your composition. Remember to follow the wallpaper guidelines for both of these items.
  4. Draw your concept on paper. Pen and paper are probably your best asset in constructing your design. It can help you "feel" your concept. It also traces the ideas that will help you when creating your wallpaper on a computer program such as GIMP or Inkscape.
  5. Be sure to be tidy with your artwork and also keep good source files organized. If your design is chosen, you will be asked to upload your finalized work and sources to our repository. Hence the organization warning.
  6. Please render your wallpaper with the standard size of 5120x2880 and submit it to this page.

Please review the Legal notice about uploading content to this wiki. Also, be sure to consider licensing your image under the Creative Commons License.