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openSUSE Team at SUSE

This team of SUSE employees is devoted to help the openSUSE Project in several relevant areas. This includes but is not restricted to take care of Factory, create tools to support the community and work on openSUSE releases. This team is by no means the only part of SUSE working on openSUSE. Many other employees and teams contribute to the openSUSE project as an important part of their daily work, alongside other responsibilities.

Communicate with us

As a team we communicate over a lot of different channels. We have a team blog about what we're working on on lizards.o.o.

If you want to interact with us:

For ways to communicate with us individually check our list of members


name freenode nick blog identi.ca twitter email
-miska-.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Michal Hrušecký |miska| http://michal.hrusecky.net/ miska @ImiskaI mhrusecky@
coolo.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Stephan Kulow coolo http://lizards.opensuse.org/author/coolo/ - - coolo@
cwh.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Christopher Hofmann cwh - - @cwh cwh@
mlin7442.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Max Lin maxlin http://maxlin.tumblr.com/ - @nilxam mlin@
toscalix.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Agustin Benito Bethencourt toscalix English / Spanish @toscalix @toscalix abebe@
lnussel.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Ludwig Nussel lnussel https://lizards.opensuse.org/author/lnussel/ - - lnussel@
aplanas.png?size=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Alberto Planas aplanas - - - aplanas@
Jospoortvliet.jpg Jos Poortvliet jpoortvliet All mine! @jospoortvliet @jospoortvliet jos at opensuse
e74dcf5aa40227c415fc7a6fa4340aa2?s=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Ancor González Sosa ancorgs - - - ancor@
393d17f446b1b45a121a7d32ee626198?s=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Tomáš Chvátal scarabeus http://blogs.gentoo.org/scarabeus/ - - scarabeus@
6d9e554f1abcc9b4f3cb2ad3b7b29ccc?s=48&mediawiki_want_this_to_be=.png Antonio Larrosa antlarr http://antlarr.wordpress.com/ @antlarr @antlarr alarrosa@