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The most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds:
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openSUSE 11.3 Bugs


  • Bug #621481Booting the installation media on some Netbook computers with a Broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g wireless card may fail due to a bug in the ssb driver. The cause is that the SPROM address has been changed on the affected computers and trying to read the old address causes the computer to hang. Nothing is logged - the machine just goes into an infinite loop. The immediate workaround is to add "brokenmodules=ssb" to the boot line before starting the installation. On affected machines all Live CDs, DVD and NET install CDs will show this problem. A patch is being added to the 2.6.34.Y kernel, thus updates to the 11.3 kernel will be fixed. Once the system is installed, the BCM4312 can be used by getting a modified ssb.ko from the web site mentioned in Bug #621481. You can also use the Broadcom wl driver package.
  • Bug #608300 The screen stays black at 2nd installation stage and after installation on laptops with Intel GMA HD graphics chipset and embedded display port. Work-around: add "nomodeset" as kernel boot parameter to use system with VESA resolution and wait for official kernel online update.
  • Bug #543076, Bug #591700 /boot/grub/menu.lst contains wrong partition after upgrading with "zypper dup", which renders the system unbootable. Workaround: Verify/fix /boot/grub/menu.lst - especially check the "hd(x,y)" parts - before you reboot the system.
  • Bug #623240 The Sysinfo utility no longer in 11.3 has working links to partitions and devices. Similar fault in how Dolphin handles /dev shortcuts such as sda and it looks like it may be a KDE error but nothing obvious in KDE bugzilla.
  • Bug #619229 /usr/share/batik: cpio: rename failed. Remove the /usr/share/batik sym link and reinstall the batik package. A package including a workaround might get released.