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This page contains a number of suggested goals for openSUSE 12.3. Please only add stuff that has been discussed on the opensuse-factory mailing list


Drop SysV init booting, use systemd

Discussion thread on opensuse-factory.

We had in both openSUSE 12.1 and 12.2 release systemd with SysV init as fallback, it's time to move on.


  • systemd will continue to support LSB init scripts
  • If a package contains both LSB init scripts and systemd service files, only the later one will be used by systemd and thus, this is the only one supported.
  • Packagers are encouraged to add systemd service files for their services.
  • We will not add a hard requirement to abandon LSB init scripts from packages for the next release.
  • Packages can take advantage of using systemd only.
  • remove SysV components that are not needed to boot the system with systemd
  • Packages should not install (IE, abort build) files in /etc/systemd, /etc/modules-load.d/ or /etc/tmpfiles.d/ .. and systemd units should never be marked as %config.

Owner: ???

Status: In discussion.

Update to Glibc 2.16

Discussion thread here.

Most significant changes:

  • Support for ISO C11
  • Many bug fixes for the math library thanks to a thorough audit of all open math library bugs. The results are mor accurate exceptions and function results.
  • Support for the x32 ABI on x86-64 which also brings unified headers for x86 and x86-64 - so there are really the same headers for all three ABIs on x86-64.

Owner: Andreas Jaeger

Status: Done.

Support UEFI Secure Boot

Discussion thread here.

Proposal: Support booting with UEFI secure boot.

Owner: Olaf Kirch and Vojtech Pavlik

Status: Implementation.

Multiple Python runtimes

Discussion threads: (1) (2)


  • separate packages "python2.7", "python3.3" etc. for each new version
  • "python" metapackage depends on "python2" depends on "python2.7"
  • when the time comes, "python" switches to depending on "python3" depends on "python3.X" (not in scope of this proposal!)
  • building python2 and python3 packages from the same specfile
  • adopt Debian-style shared directory for version-agnostic python modules (viz), while still supporting version-specific packages

Owner: Jan Matejek

Status: planning

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