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The following is a list of tasks to be completed for the promotion of the upcoming openSUSE 2012 Conference. Even if a task is assigned, you can still volunteer to assist. We encourage everyone to take something fun that they can enjoy and develop with.

How to handle this page

  1. If you do a task put it onto this list
  2. If you finished a task remove it from this list
  3. If you didn't do 1. or 2. don't touch it! This is not a wish list or collection of ideas!

Articles and announcements

Task Assigned to
Prepare announcements Jos Poortvliet

List of announcements:

when (before conf) what status
1 day before last minute reminders Draft:
1 week BoF planning reminder
week Lightning talks and Speedy Geeko reminder
week Live streams announcement
week Call for helping out (?)
2-4 weeks party announcement
2-4 weeks sponsor announcement
2-4 weeks Call for Lightning talks and Speedy Geeko sessions
2-4 weeks Call for helping out (?)
5-8 weeks interviewS
5-8 weeks BoF planning
5-8 weeks Full program announcement
5-8 weeks travel support requests round 2
9-16 weeks keynote speakers announcements
9-16 weeks track announcements
9-16 weeks sneak peeks
9-16 weeks travel support requests round 1
Feb 3 CfP+location date and time (if we have it) Draft made,
Feb 14 (?) Opening of Registration Draft made,

Web Presence

Task Assigned to

Social Media & Networks

Task Assigned to


Task Assigned to

Media Relations

Task Assigned to