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openSUSE:Board Activities

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This page reflects the activities the openSUSE board is pursuing or has pursued in the past. Each activity is described such that it paints a reasonable picture of the scope of the activity without going into details of individual tasks to complete an activity. This page gives the openSUSE community and insight into activities the board is undertaking and who is driving the activity.

Financial Transparency

Owner Status
Vincent In Progress


At present the financial side of the openSUSE project is opaque to the membership and larger community. While SUSE has been a great steward and sponsor of the project the lack of financial insight and tools to handle funds makes it difficult to manage given tasks within the project. For example cash that is received from donations at an event or sales of merchandise at an event cannot be transferred into an openSUSE dedicated account to be used for transactions that require non-cash based funds.

Activity Description

Vincent is working with SUSE and Agustin (leader of the openSUSE team at SUSE) to create a proposal that will meet the needs for financial transparency for openSUSE. The next SUSE fiscal year starts on April 1st, 2013 and it is the goal to have the basics in place by that time such that openSUSE can see how its funds are being used, and to start moving the responsabilities of creating and handling the budget over to the board. Questions that shall be answered:

  • How is SUSE sponsorship money allocated and budgeted, when is it available?
  • Is this data public or only accessible to openSUSE members?
  • What is the process of spending money?
  • How is cash the project may have from donations at the conference or sales at a conference transferred back into the account?


Owner Status
Robert Completed


Planning for oSC13 is on the way. For oSC14 we want to move the event from Summer to Spring and thus we cannot wait until after oSC13 with initial planning efforts.

Activity Description

We need to find a location and a team that is willing to pick up the organization of oSC14. This team should operate independently from the board, but the board must get the initiative started. The goal is to have the location for oSC14 determined prior to oSC13.


We had two bids for a location of oSC14. The board selected one of the locations and an announcement will be made at oSC13.

Update on Foundation and alternatives

Owner Status
Vincent Slow progress


Under the governance/sponsorship of the openSUSE project by Novell significant friction arose between Novell as the steward of the project and the community. At that time the idea of an openSUSE foundation was born and significant effort was expended in moving the project in the direction of a Foundation. However, the effort did not result in the creation of a Foundation while Novell was still the steward of the openSUSE project. The stewardship of the project has since moved to SUSE (an independent business unit of The Attachmate Group) with ths Foundation question unresolved. Thus, the community is in a state where discussions about a foundation recur on a somewhat periodic basis.

Activity Description

It is necessary to prepare a report that outlines all aspects of turning the openSUSE project into a Foundation. The report must consider alternatives to the Foundation and current model and must in an object way present tasks and consequences of taking any of the paths outlined in the report. The report must be presented to the community for discussion and feedback. It may be necessary to poll the membership to bring the discussion to a conclusion.

Web store

Owner Status
Robert In Progress


During preparation of oSC13 we realized that we have no convenient way to offer 'supporter" and "professional" tickets for sale from the openSUSE infrastructure. While we have an openSUSE store, the store is not under control of the project and it is not possible to add items such as tickets to our events or a donation item to the store. The most linear approach to selling event tickets and receiving donations is through the SUSE web store. Being tied to the SUSE infrastructure raises some concerns in the community:

  • Donations may appear to go to SUSE
  • For ticket sales one is redirected from an opensuse URL to a suse URL

Activity Description

Investigate if it is possible to use an instance of the newly developed web store for SUSE as the openSUSE web store. Being able to use a "canned" solution such as the SUSE web store would allow us to relatively quickly transition the store while gaining control of content without having to invent a home-brew solution. Over time, if there are issues with access to code etc. The team that handles the store may decide to transition to another solution.