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The most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds:
For general information about reporting bugs, see Submit a Bug. Do not report partly translated dialogs or completely missing translations before milestone 4; expect updated translations during the beta tests. Also see the Localization Guide.

To directly report a bug against openSUSE 12.3 - use "openSUSE Factory" for now, here's a shortcut.

List of ship stopper bugs

openSUSE 12.3 RC 2

  • Logging into Xfce is not possible, as a workaround install polkit-default-privs (zypper update polkit-default-privs) from the online update repo Bug #789068
  • Choose your language (mine is Greek) during installation. When it opens after first installation, the system isn't fully translated in the installed language. Activities and user menu stay in English. Program categories and date change into the language you installed it. Bug #807013
  • YaST GTK+ GUI draws buttons off the side of the screen (rather old bug) Bug #722053
  • DVD-x86_64 only fits on DVD-R, it's too large for single layer DVD+R (you can also dd it on a usb stick large enough or burn onto a relatively more expensive dual layer DVD+R)
  • Password for encrypted partition is shown when typed on first boot.(example) Bug #808408

openSUSE 12.3 RC 1

  • Networking related
    • network.service may not be running during install 2nd stage: Bug #800365
    • /etc/resolv.conf may not be updated by netconfig on creating new NetworkManager connection [[1]]
    • default route may not be set on first boot after upgrade
  • Installation
    • Installations from Live CD do not include grub2 or plymouth branding Bug #804321
    • zypper dup from 12.2, 12.3 Mx or 12.3 B1 often fails with a rtkit %post hang Bug #802525
    • NTP configuration is reset after installation Bug #784760
  • Update stack
    • Apper behaves strangely when packages have a EULA: Bug #801703
  • KDE
    • Plasma Workspace crashes on login if the Paste applet is added to the system tray (bnc#802972, kde#312075, workaround given)
    • openSUSE 12.3 RC1 on VirtualBox (i | VirtualBox-4.2 | Paket | 4.2.0_80737_openSUSE114-1 | i586 | (Systempakete)): Monitor size only 640x480 possible Bug #803526
  • Base-System
    • There're so many `No such file: /usr/lib/udev/socket:/org/kernel/dm/multipath_event` in system logs (bnc#799630)

openSUSE 12.3 Beta 1

  • LVM install is broken Bug #798604
  • GUI broken in VirtualBox Bug #799480
  • The URI for the repository 'openSUSE-12.3-Update-Non-Oss' is not valid and generates an error when using YaST to install new packages. The workaround is to disable that repo.
  • ... add above ...

openSUSE 12.3 Milestone 2

  • LVM install is broken Bug #790724
  • There is a delay of ~30 minutes after booting in KDE before most mouse events are handled. The fix is to remove pulseaudio. Bug #795331
  • ... add above ...

openSUSE 12.3 Milestone 0

  • Some graphics card require "NO KMS" to install