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openSUSE Release Cycle

openSUSE Tumbleweed is openSUSE's rolling release, which is constantly updated and always at the 'latest release'

openSUSE Leap is openSUSE's regular release, which is has the following estimated release cycle:

  • One minor release is expected approximately every 12 months, aligned with SUSE Linux Enterprise Service Packs
  • One major release is expected after approximately 36-48 months, aligned with SUSE Linux Enterprise Releases

The life cycle of openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap are documented in The Lifetime Wiki Page.

Upcoming openSUSE Leap Release

Leap 42.3 is using a rolling development model without fixed mile stones. New snapshots are published according to automated testing results.

  • April: integration of SLE sources
  • May 21st: submission deadline for major version updates. Begin of polishing and testing phase
  • June 6th: SLE goes RC, base system freeze
  • June 25th: package freeze. Only bug fixes from here on.
  • Last week of July: release

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