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This article decribes how to install openSUSE from inside Windows without configuring the BIOS.
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Instlux is a Microsoft Windows program which can prepare an installation of openSUSE. By using instlux, there is no need to configure boot order of BIOS which might be annoying you.

Instlux has two variants:

  • LOCAL installer: This instlux can be found in DVD install media. It will use the local data (DVD) for installation.
  • NET installer: This instlux can be found in network repository (e.g. http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/<version>/repo/oss/). It will download required data from the network repository. If you use this, you can start installation without downloading anything except this.

Instlux takes care of preparing installation. In detail:

  • Retrieve kernel and initrd file according to its variant:
  • Modify the Windows bootloader settings to boot from them.
  • After installation, restore the Windows bootloader settings (because these are not required to boot installed openSUSE).
  • After installation, uninstall instlux itself (remove kernel and initrd, because these are required only for installation).

Instlux supports these languages (more translations are welcome):

  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese


In order to run instlux, these requirements should be met:

  • Microsoft Windows must be installed and must be able to run without problem.
  • Windows' version should be 95 or later (Windows 95/98/Me/NT 3.5/NT 3.51/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1).
  • Secure Boot must be disabled if hardware supports it.

How to use


Installation of openSUSE

To do installation:

  • Run openSUSExx_y_ZZZ.exe from explorer.
  • Select your language from drop-down list.
  • Select the architecture which you want to install (you cannot select if your machine does not support x86_64).
  • Wait for moment.
  • Reboot your computer as requested.
  • Select openSUSE installer while booting.
  • Install openSUSE as usual. But please be careful, do not delete Windows partition, do resize instead.
  • After completing installation, you can enjoy openSUSE and Windows within one computer (dual-boot).

Clean-up instlux:

  • Reboot or boot Windows again.
  • After logging in, you are prompted to uninstall instlux. Proceed as requested.
  • Instlux will be uninstalled.


Source code

Instlux is based on Marc Herbert's web page and was started as a sourceforge.net project on October 2005.

Licensing doubt

There are some licensing doubts for compiling/using Windows application in Linux.

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