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Hello, my name is Fabio Pesari and I am a libre software enthusiast from Italy.

I started using openSUSE in 2019, after many years spent on other GNU/Linux distros such as Debian and Arch. I was introduced to it by Ivo Grimaldi and Jo Boschetti, who showed me OBS and from that moment, I could finally start giving back as a packager of music (as a member of the Geekos DAW project) and programming software.

I play guitar in churches and enjoy all kinds of music, but I prefer progressive rock, folk, jazz, funk and ambient techno.

I like writing Ruby code, I think it's a very expressive and beautiful language.

I also like cinema, SciFi literature (especially Philip K. Dick) and videogames from older eras.

Finally, but to me most importantly, I am a Catholic and I see libre software as a way to implement Catholic social teaching in today's world. AMDG!