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Alex Rodriguez

Hello World:

  • My name is Alex Rodriguez
  • Nicks >> alexio44 | @LeX
  • I'm from Nicaragua (Central America)
  • I use SUSE Linux since 2003
  • I speak Spanish / English
  • Linux User # 379802

zypper install alex

I started using Linux SUSE 8.2 (at that time the name wasn't openSUSE :p ) with my first Linux's project ... LDAP Server

Remember playing Tux Racer at SUSE 9.0, what a good game :)

My projects over Linux SUSE were improved as soon as I learned how to use openOFFICE, since then, all my computers and laptops that i have had ... they booted to Linux SUSE as default :D

My first bug report was over Impress 2.0, and it was solved at 2.3 :)

zypper info alex

NUI Nicaragua / SUSE-ni / openSUSE Nicaragua President

  • Promoting Linux openSUSE
  • Technical Support / and everyone interested in SUSE
  • Coordinate Installfest, workshops, conferences, etc. of Linux openSUSE

openSUSE Project

My official Work

  • Manager of IT (Servers, Infrastructure, Support, etc.)
  • Instituto Nicaraguense de la Mujer (INIM) @ the National Government
  • My work there is Implantation and Administration of IT Solutions
    • SO >> SUSE Linux Enterprise SERVER 10.0
    • Mail Server >> Postfix + Amavis + Clamav + Spamassassin @ authenticated over openLDAP server
    • Web Server >> Apache + PHP5 + Mysql
    • Proxy Server >> Squid + Sarg + Calamaris
    • DNS Server >> Bind

zypper update alex

Future projects:

  • Become a openSUSE board member >> pretty cool right?  :-)
  • Keep updated translations to spanish of several topics @
  • Start with the openSUSE school (Project to teach how to use openSUSE to everybody)

Contact me

"Human Knowledge belongs to the world"