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openSUSE:KDE 11.4 phonon-backend

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For 11.4 we need to test the phonon-backends available.

Change backend with systemsettings => Multimedia => Phonon => Backend => Prefer

Testing includes:

  • Testing packages from KDe repos vs. those from packman
  • testing automatic codec installation e.g. for gstreamer
  • Codecs that work OOTB
  • Testing of the above with audio, video content in amarok, dragonplayer, bangarang
  • Playing standalone, playing at the same time as other Phonon apps, playing at the same time as known exclusive apps like Xine
  • Can our VLC build be used with externally provided codecs?


The xine-backend seems to be unmaintained but works well.


  • fading in/out does not work with amarok
  • equalizer does not work within amarok
  • amarok'S video widget does not work (works with packman's package?)
  • Installing the phonon-backend pulls-in a lot of packages, including GUI packages.
 freefont            0.20101118-3.3   
 fribidi             0.10.9-66.9      
 liba52-0            0.7.5svn-3.pm.6.6
 libass4             0.9.11-18.1      
 libcddb2            1.3.2-8.9        
 libdvbpsi6          0.1.7-11.3       
 libdvdnav4          4.1.3-8.8        
 libebml2            1.0.0-6.2        
 libfluidsynth1      1.1.3-7.1        
 libid3tag           0.15.1b-165.11   
 libixml2            1.6.10-1.pm.2.3  
 libkate1            0.3.8-7.2        
 liblash1            0.5.4-1.7        
 libmad0             0.15.1b-2.pm.4.24
 libmatroska2        1.0.0-5.3        
 libmpeg2-0          0.5.1-1.pm.4.17  
 libprojectM2        2.0.1-5.pm.7.3   
 libshout3           2.2.2-125.4      
 libthreadutil3      1.6.10-1.pm.2.3  
 libtwolame0         0.3.12-1.pm.6.3  
 libupnp5            1.6.10-1.pm.2.3  
 libva1              1.0.1-2.pm.3.10  
 libvlc5             1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 libvlccore4         1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 libzvbi0            0.2.33-7.13      
 phonon-backend-vlc  0.3.1-1.3        
 projectM            2.0.1-5.pm.7.3   
 vlc                 1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 vlc-aout-pulse      1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 vlc-gnome           1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 vlc-noX             1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 vlc-qt              1.1.6-1.pm.10.1  
 xosd                2.2.14-95.1
The following recommended packages were automatically selected:
 freefont  0.20101118-3.3
 projectM  2.0.1-5.pm.7.3


  • equalizer does not work within amarok
  • wav files do not work within amarok without gstreamer-plugins-good