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Difference between revisions of "openSUSE:Maintenance team"

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(Maintenance team members)
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* [[User:msmeissn|Marcus Meissner]]
* [[User:msmeissn|Marcus Meissner]]
* Christian Dengler
* Christian Dengler
* [[User:Puzel|Petr Uzel]]
* Magnus Boman
* Magnus Boman
* Michal Hrusecky
* Michal Hrusecky
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== Helping ==
== Helping ==

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The openSUSE maintenance team takes care of delivery of updates to the current openSUSE and future openSUSE versions as they become available.

Maintenance team members

  • Marcus Meissner
  • Christian Dengler
  • Magnus Boman
  • Michal Hrusecky
  • Pavol Rusnak


You can help e.g. in:

  • notify interesting bugs that should be fixed by a maintenance update
  • work as a QA tester and check testing updates to improve the quality and give feedback
  • help us to create a new maintenance policy
  • work in the maintenance council
  • work as a package maintainer and provide the updates
  • work as a junior maintainer and learn to build packages and provide minor fixes
  • ...


For questions, update request, feedback you can use the mailing list of the maintenance team .

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